EV-charging stations with  usability in mind.


Greenstation is a company working on developing EV-charging stations with functionality and usability in mind.

Our vision is to create a new mobility experience that inspires new sustainable habits. This will be the precondition for accelerating the transition to an emissions-free society and complying with the Norwegian official transport policy goals: 100% electric vehicles by 2025.

By utilizing new technology and innovation, we have developed an innovative concept where you can seamlessly charge electric cars with the possibility of filling hydrogen further down the line.

In 2019, Greenstation project received support from DOGA (Design and Architecture Norway) to carry out a design-driven process, following market support from Innovation Norway in spring 2020. This project laid the foundation for the current concept and realization of the Greenstation pilot station situated on the outskirts of Bergen, Norway in September 2021.

Our goal is to establish the next 10 charging stations in Norway, and we are currently looking for opportunities to bring the concept internationally.

greenstation Straume ladestasjon

The Greenstation pilot station at Straume

Innovative technology

Greenstation offers EV customers hassle-free seamless charging using innovative technology.

  • Tap and charge
  • ANPR (Automatic number plate recognition)
  • Charge point allocation
  • Automatic Queue system
  • Price per kWh
  • Dynamic pricing varies through the day/week to optimize utilization of the station
  • Batteries are included in the station to store solar energy as well as boosting max output from the station without increasing the load on the local grid.
  • Optional app for mobile payment and receipt storage

Customers are not required to use an app. Payment is simple by tapping a bank card or credit card.

International Press

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    Publisert: 08.05.2023

    Greenstation creates a new mobility experience

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    Publisert: 13.03.2023

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Expansion and International Roll Out

Greenstation offers charging for battery electric cars, but in the future, Greenstation will offer both EV charging and hydrogen filling. The Greenstation team continues to work in parallel with identifying locations for the rollout of Greenstations throughout Norway in 2022-23. Upscaling globally is targeted for 2023.

We are now looking for locations to roll out several Greenstations. Contact the Greenstation team for inquiries around collaboration and business opportunities.

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Business Developer, Greenstation
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